347 Princess St. Kingston On.

Barcadia is Kingston Ontario's first Bar / Arcade.  Come in and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere  and retro arcade feel.  

Do I have the be 19 to enter the bar?    No! before 9 pm we allow all ages

 How much are the games?   Each game is only a quarter

Do you have a change machine on site?   We do, it accepts $1 & $2 coins -  $5 , $10 , $20 bills

I just bought wine from wine rack, and saw your place walking by, can I come in with it? You can, but it MUST be left behind the bar with staff. It cannot otherwise enter the premise further, or be opened inside the establishment.

What Games do you have   Visit for a current list. 


Why don't you have [insert name]  this game?    We try our best to keep everyone happy and get the more popular games and rotate them often, if you have a suggestion please don't hesitate to email us. 


Will you fix my old game?  No, Robbie has enough to do


Will you buy my old game?   Possibly,  send us pictures and a description and we will get back to you.


I was at your bar and the machine took my quarter and the joystick didn't work.  These games are anywhere from 15 to 40 years old and as such require frequent maintenance.  We have a dedicated staff member to keep them in top shape, but they do break.  Just inform the bar tender and they will be sure to reimburse you and report it. 


Do you sell gift cards?   We do , just contact our General Manager at


Can I make a reservation to have a booth?   - See above


Is there a cover charge? - No, not normally


I want to open a barcadia or be apart of your business -  We are in the planning stages of expansion but currently don't offer franchise opportunities or looking for investors.


Can I buy one of your arcades -  Potentially - It won't be cheap for a game currently in the bar, we do have another 20 in storage in various states -  best to contact Rob to see what's on hand -


I'm friends with the owner can I [ insert here]  -   You probably aren't friends with the owner or even know who he is  :)