347 Princess St. Kingston On.

Barcadia is Kingston Ontario's first Bar / Arcade.  Come in and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere  and retro arcade feel.  

Do I have the be 19 or over to enter the bar? Kids are allowed before 8 PM when accompanied by parents. Anyone under the age of 19 will be given a wrist band.

How much are the games? Each game is only a quarter with a few small exceptions! For example, we recently got Foosball which is $1 a play. We do not use tokens, only cold hard cash.

Do you have a change machine on site? We do, it accepts $1 & $2 coins plus $5 & $10. Be warned - it only dispenses quarters. Please see the bartender to break larger bills!

I just bought wine from Wine Rack, and saw your place walking by, can I come in with it?  Yes you can, but it MUST be left behind the bar with the staff.

What games do you have? Please visit for a current list. 

Why don't you have [insert game name]? We try our best to keep everyone happy and rotate the games often, if you have a suggestion please don't hesitate to email us at or message us on Facebook. 

Will you fix my old game?  No, we have enough to do.

Will you buy my old game? Possibly, send us pictures and a description to or message us on Facebook and we’ll get back to you.

I was at your bar and the machine took my quarter and the joystick didn't work. The games we house are anywhere from 15 to 40 years old and as such require frequent maintenance. We have a dedicated staff member to keep them in top shape, but they do break. Just inform the bartender and they will be sure to reimburse you and report it. 

Do you sell gift cards? We do, just contact our manager at

Can I make a reservation to have a booth or book a party at Barcadia? Of course! Just contact our manager at Your reservation is held when you provide a credit card (no other cards accepted) to our staff - you return the controllers, you get your credit card back!

Can I have a kids birthday party at the bar? It depends on the day and time requested, send us an email @

Is there a cover charge? No, not normally, unless there is a special ticketed event like Emo Night!

Can I buy one of your arcades? Potentially. Email us at or message us on Facebook to find out what we are looking to part with (they are not cheap).

When do you hold events? In 2019 we’re hosting monthly Emo Nights. We have previously hosted drag shows and tournaments and are looking to get back into this again. For all event details please see our Events page ( on Facebook or our on this website.

Do you serve food? No, but you are welcome to bring your own food in! We do however have snacks on hand for purchase.